Tuesday, May 22, 2012

actual day 1

so... 800 calories isn't much. and the days final tallies come in right at 770 or so. i'm feeling tired and trying to decide whether it's the limited food intake or the fact that i have gone off soda, even diet. i've always gotten a lot of calories from beverages and it made sense to try to break that habit altogether. besides, it's not like my typical caloric intake was of energy-giving, nutrient-rich content. 

night time is hard. i am certainly a night-snacker. when 7pm rolled around and i was already at my calorie goal, i found i was a bit lost. when 9pm showed up, i was a stranger in a strange land. i can imagine this will get harder before it gets easier. i'm finding it's a game of distraction. i always wish i read more, etc... so maybe this is how that will happen. i've given myself a mani-pedi and done some extra cleaning and laundry. the lack of crunchy treats actually seemed to make me anxious. that might be the wrong word... i guess it just made me restless. food has always been a comfort. it's going to be interesting finding alternatives.

especially difficult was when i decided to watch a movie i'd rented. (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was phenomenal, even having read the book. I highly recommend it!) movie time was definitely a trigger, though. i even caught myself getting ready to walk to the fridge...

in other news, day 1 of Insanity is a fit test. the people in the video are showing their progress talking about how they went from 39 reps to 51. imagine my sense of inadequacy when i was worn beyond worn at 7 or 12. BUT it's not a pass/fail. it's a placement exam and now i know where i stand. little nervous about tomorrow's workout, though. some of those moves were intense. 


  1. You'd think that it gets harder before it gets easier, but I've always found the opposite to be true. Once you get on top of things, it doesn't seem quite so daunting.

    One tip that always helps me with the late-night eating: brush and floss. That always seems to send the message to my hungry, hungry brain that the food-service business has shut down for the evening.

    Good luck!

    1. great motivation and a smart idea. i'll try it tonight! thanks! and good luck to you, too! :)

  2. New reader, new cheerleader here! And I wish you great success at claiming a new life for you and your children!

    I hear you on the fitness pre-test! I cried a little when I was driving home from my first one. I couldn't do *anything*!

    Fast forward 5 years, and I'm at goal (well, close to it) and walking, riding my bike, and going to the gym regularly. It IS possible!

    One thing that helped me with the "empty time" was to imagine what I saw myself doing with that time when I was at goal...and then I did that instead of snacking or thinking about snacking. It helped!

    1. completely inspiring to have someone who's reaching their goal relate to the fit test crisis LOL. it's not like i had any illusions about being in good shape, but it was still a brutal reality check to see exactly how bad it is! i have a history of letting that kind of thing get me down... drowning my sorrows in assortments of calories. i think blogging and the weight loss blogging community (both very new to me) are going to be great for me. relating to the struggles of being overweight, the decision to change... and i like having an idea of what to expect.

      and i REALLY like your "empty time" idea. tonight, i spent some time planning out my holiday trip in December and it was a great distraction, thinking about doing things i haven't had the confidence or energy to do in a long time...

      thank you!