Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Carrot: A Better Life

I want to weight 175.

I want to earn a degree.

I want to be the amazing parent that my children deserve. 

I want to develop independence in the wake of a very unhealthy marriage, while succeeding in a poorly timed relationship. 

I want to see a doctor. A head doctor. 

I want a better paying job. 

I want $5,000 in the bank. 

I want to move back across 5 states to the one that I call home. 

I want a car that I can rely on. 

I want skinny jeans. 

I want hobbies.

I want a box of healthy recipes that my kids like. 

I want tattoos.

I want a home where my children can have their own rooms and I can, too. (the living room is NOT cutting it!)

I want to learn to sew. 

I want to sleep at night. 

I want to figure out how to make fitness a part of my routing. 

I want to un-give up on myself. 

I want to quit smoking. 

I want a better relationship with the family I left behind. 

I want to read amazing books and take my children to beautiful concerts and art museums. 

I want cute panties. 

I want to grow my hair and color it blonde. 

I want to buy all my accessories on Etsy,

I want my children to be proud when they introduce me to their teachers. 

I want to spoil them a little. 

I want to drink water like I love it.

I want to run. 

I want to be able to fix things and open jars on my own. 

High heels. 

I want a structured schedule at my house. 

I want to accept that my ex isn't going to help with the children and stop hoping that he does. 

I want to dance, even if there are people around. 

I want to wear a bathing suit without a t-shirt. 

I want to go on a trip with just the kids. 

I want beautiful love and a happy home. 

I want to be the kindest person you ever met. 


  1. So What is the first step? I think a lot of these could be organized into catagories and then prioritied into what has to happen first. I think the list is a great start. If it was my list I would look at the why (motives = motivation) and the how (actions- life rewards actions) and go from there.

    1. thanks so much for your advice. i think i'll be spending some time on this later this evening. a list of wants is a start, but certainly not the same as plotting the trip. that's always been a shortcoming... so much focus on destination, that i miss the journey. i appreciate your words and your taking the time. i'll see what i can do :)

  2. Ok hear is why I think and be clear and write these things all out for ourselves first then out into the world. All actions are born in thought. So we must really set our intentions. The only thing in this whole world we have any control of is our actions. When trying to look at catagories I see a couple of items that would pop under a few on my catagories. The ones that pop up under a few of your catagories really need to be your focus. They will get you the results you want to get the other items done. I am happy to have found your blog!