Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 3... or 4

i can't tell if it's the reduced caloric intake + increased physical activity or maybe even a flu bug, but i feel like sh*t the past 24 hours. all i'd really like is a lengthy nap. i've been nauseous and sort of weak. i have a check-in with the physician on Monday, so i guess we'll find out then. 

in the meantime, the blog world has given me some projects... namely, calling my attention to the idea of turning my list of goals into a plan of action. when reviewing the life changes that i am trying to make, i find that many things have a sort of cause/effect relationship. when i sat down with my notebook, i found that the things requiring the most focus could essentially fall into a top 3:

1. weight loss - it impacts my energy levels, my social interactions... odds are... anyone reading this is well aware of the life imitations imposed by an excess couple hundred pounds. 
2. financial progress - while being lucky enough to enjoy no actual debt, my income limits me in a multitude of ways. this can be aided with further education, etc... but this all sort of falls under #3 as well... and so...
3. time management - whether it comes to working out or having hobbies to feel my own enrichment, time for schooling or even time to log more hours working from home and using my savings account for actual saving... i have a schedule primarily determined by a toddler and a five-year-old. and while i love devoting time and energy, i find that i need to take a more authoritative role in my own scheduling. 

i have created a sort of weekly schedule... trying to allot time for tasks, chores, etc. there are certain things that are always routing: baths before bed, things like that. but i am hoping that specifically assigning time to things like laundry, working out, reading with kids, and then sticking to this times, would likely benefit all of us. 

SO, by continuing weight loss efforts and putting my new schedule into effect, i expect to see some improvements. i should have time to increase my hours on the job by about 50%, which will go along way with the finances. i also registered for fall classes at the local state university. i have the summer to work the new schedule and begin integrating school. i'm also hoping to lose a few pounds and feel a bit less self-conscious entering the classroom. 

the best part is... when really taking a look and creating a design for my life and where i want it to be, rather than sinking in depression, i can see how things like hobbies and buying a car can happen in due time. i just have to accept my limitations while discovering my strengths. i can't fix the transmission tomorrow, but hopefully, in time... i'll be checking things off the list. 

other bloggers and readers have already been a help and an inspiration. keeps me smiling.

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